OpTrek in Transvaal

In collaboration with Harmine Louwé. A book about the role of public art in urban development. Publisher: JAP SAM BOOKS  



Promotion poster for a very visual concert dressed with compositions made out of the sounds of the city. have a sound taste &n


Poster and DVD cover of the documentary “START”, by Helmie Stil.

Zaanse Stadscomponist

Promotion poster for the Zaanse official composer Mark Nieuwenhuis.  


My contribution to the Masterclass and Poster Exhibition about “(In)Tolerence”, coordinated by Chaz Maviyane-Davies. read

SOS Benefiet Concert

@Paradiso Promotion poster for the benefit concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam to collect money in support of volunteers who take c

Mark Nieuwenhuis

Stephanie Roth Quintet

Copernicus science centre Warsaw

@NorthernLight NorthernLight was asked to create innovative spaces that would engage people in scientific thinking and show th

de Bunker

@NnorthernLight Some of the graphics for the pop up exhibition “de Bunker”, in Arnhem. The aim of the exhibition w

Rijkswaterstaat – ‘Guiding Streams’

@NoerthernLight The  ‘Guiding streams’ exhibition in the Water Museum illustrates the water management system in the Neth

Lizy Manola

In collaboration with Dimitris Baltas. Personal website of the photographer Lizy Manola.

Edward’s Toys

eye Film Institute

In collaboration with Anita Lozinska. My contribution to the eye Film Institute website in order to be defined the structure o

Zaanse Stadscomponist

In collaboration with Dimitris Baltas. Promotion and announcement website for the official Zaanse composer Mark Nieuwenhuis.

Motorcycles, races and their representation

Visualisation of the data which comes out of a 24 hour motorcycle race. read essay