OpTrek in Transvaal

In collaboration with Harmine Louwé. A book about the role of public art in urban development. Publisher: JAP SAM BOOKS  


CD covers

Copernicus science centre Warsaw

@NorthernLight NorthernLight was asked to create innovative spaces that would engage people in scientific thinkingand show the

de Bunker

@NnorthernLight Some of the graphics for the pop up exhibition “de Bunker”, in Arnhem. The aim of the exhibition w

Rijkswaterstaat – ‘Guiding Streams’

@NoerthernLight The  ‘Guiding streams’ exhibition in the Water Museum illustrates the water management system in the Neth

Cabo Verde

National awareness campaign connecting illegal consumption of wildlife with threats to human health.

ArtHouse MOMO

In collaboration with: Corinn Weiler. Graphics which are placed on different walls of the ArtHouse MOMO in Korea.


Online shop with hand-printed products made with love in Amsterdam. shop.viliemanoli.com


Website design for get2shine | Empowerment | Training – Healing – Coaching

crepes and waffles

Brand identity and website for crepes and waffles

Referral marketing platform

A platform designed for companies in order to turn their customers into enthusiastic promoters of their brand. @MGMco Watch d

Landing pages

Landing pages for several companies that would host a widget in order to turn their customers into enthusiastic promoters

Lizy Manola

In collaboration with Dimitris Baltas. Personal website of the photographer Lizy Manola.

SYSMITO | Rhythm and Signs

Mini website for a percussion group in order to promote several workshops and to invite people to join the group. sysmito.nl

eye Film Institute

In collaboration with Anita Lozinska. My contribution to the eye Film Institute website in order to be defined the structure o

Social media ads

Facebook carousel ads for Home Gourmet Green @Gategroup Facebook ads for several clients @MGMco Facebook video ad @MGMco


Referral marketing platform, social media visuals and banners. @MGMco


Referral marketing platform, printed gift-cards and social media visuals. @MGMco


Referral marketing widget and social media visuals. @MGMco


Referral marketing widget, social media visuals, gift cards and banners. @MGMco


A platform where the users can search in a different way through huge music database and experience a new way of listening. Fi

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@MGMco (see .pdf)  

Edward’s Toys

Zaanse Stadscomponist

In collaboration with Dimitris Baltas. Promotion and announcement website for the official Zaanse composer Mark Nieuwenhuis.

Motorcycles, races and their representation

Visualisation of the data which comes out of a 24 hour motorcycle race. read essay  

Visual Grammar

In collaboration with Yuri Engelhardt. A series of icons organised in such way in order to explain how the visual grammar work

Life Map

A map showing the most important stops in my life.


In collaboration with Christiaan van Dokkum. Proposal for symbols that represent the different products of the company.


Symbols representing the different sectors who were going almost everyday on a strike in Greece in 2012.

Mapping Worlds

In collaboration with Rogério Lira. Website annotation in order to help programmers with the design.