Nobody can dispute that our society develops in a very fast rhythm. Science and the technological
revolution has helped modern people to improve their every day lives and at the same time have
created the feeling of being stressed and pent up without being able to enjoy everyday pleasures.
They find different ways to relieve this pressure by participating in sports where they can find
similarities with their everyday life but at the same time the freedom to express themselves.

Riding a motorcycle sounds like something simple and many people see it like this. For me it’s
not only this. It’s the mirror of someone’s inner world. It reflects the mood and the state of
mind he is in. During this moment someone feels how balanced he is, how strong he is and how in
sync he is with his emotions. These are feelings that you don’t meet only in every day motorcyclists
but also in professional riders and they have their motivations to choose this job and enjoy it.
In every race there is different level of emotional excitement. Need for speed, freedom and
celebration are there since hundred of years ago, from the ancient Greece till nowadays. Through the
history these events are very well organized in every detail and teams, riders and audience are
all there to participate in a spectacular show.

An event that is difficult to describe only with words. My fascination for motorcycles and for races
influenced me and made me think of a different way to show to other people that the races are not only
spectacular shows but also well structured events. The key word is structure; structure in the real
life and the representation of it.