Einhoven Data Community

Brand identity for the “Eindhoven Data Community” @Xebia  


A series of graphics to be used globally for marketing purposes  @Xebia   White papers   e-Articles   Customer

Uqonic Chefs

  Luxurious dining at home. @Release Rebels   Brandbook   Magazine and newspaper ads   Coming soon campaig

Just Bread

Concept work. Make your own bread easily by having the dough delivered to your place. @GateGroup

Xebia | Xpirit

Marketing graphics for Xpirit. @Xebia Customer Stories   LinkedIn Posts and Document Posts

OpTrek in Transvaal

In collaboration with Harmine Louwé. A book about the role of public art in urban development. Publisher: JAP SAM BOOKS  



ESG posters and flyers to raise environmental awareness for the employees. @Release Rebels


Welcome Handbook for the employees. @Release Rebels

Sun Express

Proposals for the onboard menu catalog of Sun Express. @ReleaseRebels

Air Canada

Proposal for the onboard menu catalog of Air Canada. @ReleaseRebels

CD covers

Copernicus science centre Warsaw

@NorthernLight NorthernLight was asked to create innovative spaces that would engage people in scientific thinkingand show the

de Bunker

@NnorthernLight Some of the graphics for the pop up exhibition “de Bunker”, in Arnhem. The aim of the exhibition w

Rijkswaterstaat – ‘Guiding Streams’

@NoerthernLight The  ‘Guiding streams’ exhibition in the Water Museum illustrates the water management system in the Neth

Cabo Verde

National awareness campaign connecting illegal consumption of wildlife with threats to human health.

ArtHouse MOMO

In collaboration with: Corinn Weiler. Graphics which are placed on different walls of the ArtHouse MOMO in Korea.